Beijing 2008: An Overview

This past weekend, the New York Times seemed to invite just about everybody to weigh in on the Beijing Olympics. My own contribution is the introduction to the Olympic issue of Play magazine. It seems a little backwards to use the blog to point readers to the New York Times Web site, but there you go. That's probably why I'm doing this four days late.

Besides the obvious advantages of writing the piece, taking the Play assignment forced me to once and for all come up with a title for the book, so I could put it in my writer credit. So there it is, at last: Beijing Welcomes You. That is the title of my upcoming book. Now to report it and write it.

Aug 6, 2008, 04:31 PM     Beijing · Beijing Olympics · Beijing Welcomes You · New York Times · Olympics · self-promotion · Yo, Play where's Kid at?

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